Jeff Korte, encouraged in both painting and photography by his father, an art teacher, began taking photographs as a teenager. His experimentation with alternative photographic processes includes the construction and use of many types of lens-less (pinhole) cameras.

Sugarloaf Cove, Lake Superior

Sugarloaf Cove, Lake Superior

Jeff’s work has been published in the Open to Interpretation book series “Water’s Edge”, Black and White magazine, Minnesota Monthly, Pinhole Journal, and featured in the “Year in Black and White” calendar in the New Yorker magazine.

He is a past recipient of the Blacklock Nature Sanctuary Artist Fellowship, awarded an Isle Royale Artist in Residency and continues to conduct photography workshops. His work has been exhibited throughout the Midwest and West, and is held in private collections throughout the country.

“Korte is creating his own photographic survey of the vanishing wilderness, his unique photographs evoking both the endurance and fragility of nature — the vanishing point.”
– Excerpt from this story by Shawn O’Sullivan that appeared in Black and White magazine.

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  1. just wanted to say that it’s nice to see that you’re still capturing amazing images!
    thank you for sharing your views!


  2. Your Fort Snelling State Park series shows what I miss the most about snow–the falling bit. Great series. The bow-hunting has some history to it. I hope Dennis has seen this work.
    Cool stuff. DK

  3. Hi Jeff, found your website and noticed we are both using the same theme from Graph Paper Press. Just thought I would share my details in case you have any questions about customizing your site or if I do to you.

    Anyways, interesting pin hole and large format work Jeff.

    cheers Gilbert.

    • Hi Gilbert. What a vantage of the race start! I like it although I wouldn’t want to be at the back of the pack.

      Nice work. Thanks for dropping in. JK

  4. hi jeff, you are showing amazing pictures. i admire your contemplative pictures of lake superior and isle royal. it must be fun to be with your pinhole camera in the boat.
    the multiple pinholes are very special, respect! looks like they need a lot of pre-imagination.
    i hope you don’t mind us putting your website ( on our link-list for amazing pinhole photographers, although we can’t provide an english version at the moment.
    sunny greetings from vienna

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your note and kind words. I don’t mind a bit if you add my site to your list.



  5. HI Jeff,

    did a show with you years ago at Geomoetrie Gallery in Minneapolis – am working on a book project about my years as a curator and wondered if you have any images of the Geometrie installation or would be willing for me to include one of the images from the show ? I am impressed with what you have been up to and would like to stay in touch.

    Best regards,

    David Shearer

  6. Congratulations on your opening tonight. Sorry I can’t make, but I will view it. From a DK #%^* friend. Dave P

  7. Jeff, I spoke to you briefly at the MPC opening and am the fellow who more or less gushed over your work (before rushing off due to a crushing back issue…). Wish I had been able to talk with you further; as I said at the time, I feel your work is exceptional. In a note up above David Korte mentioned your Fort Snelling winter series but I couldn’t find it on this site. Since the Snelling location is one where I’ve also photographed in the winter, I’d be interested to see what you came away with. It turns out winter photography is my main interest and some years ago was privileged to be able to show my work at Tweed in Duluth. If you’re in the Mpls. area and are persuadable to have a cup of coffee, I’d be very interested in spending a few more minutes chatting about our work . In any event, I guess I’m now a fan and will be keeping an eye open for future exhibits!

  8. Hi Jeff, I’m writing an essay about you for my photography A-level and is there anyway you could email me some more information about yourself and your photos.

  9. Saw your “Sun Dog” photo in the Fine Arts Building during the State Fair – after it sold.

    Would you consider selling another print of same?

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