6 thoughts on “Multiple Aperture Pinhole Cameras (video)

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Been admiring your work for a while now your water and ice images are what made me relise that beautiful image could be made by simple means. Anyway just wanted to say like the new web site.


  2. Always excited and I interested in other ‘pinholers’ work. Of course yours is exceptional. Working on pieces for my show in November. Would you mind telling me the focal length you used for your ‘nine pinhole’ camera. I make and sell pinholes and pinhole cameras for many people , and am always curious about those that others build.
    Thank you for your time

    • Hi Diane,

      The nine pinhole camera you mention will hold 4 X 5 film backs. When I built it there was little math involved but the idea was to have each vignette blend slightly with its neighbor. The focal distance is 5/8ths of an inch. JK

      • Jeff, thank you so much for your reply and information…I just now found you again. I have some 4×5 inch Altoid tins that I make into cameras. Focal length is about an inch but I think I will give them a try.
        Thank you again,

      • Now that I am so intrigued with this I am making a similar camera. My big questions to you, if you don’t mind telling me..how far are you from your subject in the image of the building (9 buildings) with such a short focal length it would seem impossible to get this nice shot and have them so large , but they look to be from across the street. What size pinholed are you using?
        Thank you for your time. I am a big admirer.

        • Hello. Bravo for taking on this camera-building project. If you’re referring to the YMCA photo (nine images combining to “assemble” the building), I was across the street in an open three-story car ramp. I moved for each exposure from one end to middle to other end, then went down a level, repeat, and did that once more to complete the exposures. No control really over my pinhole to subject distance.

          As for pinhole size… I am not too scientific about measuring these, my main focus is to keep them as consistent as possible so the exposures aren’t all over the place. Jeff

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